Yesterday B2B Doc arranged the second webinar, dedicated to what a filmmaker has to keep in mind when he/she enters the production stage of the film project. We had filmmakers from Ukraine, Belarus, Romania,… More Russia, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia participating in the webinar. The tutors were Malcolm Dixelius and Anastasia Kirillova. The webinar was moderated by Anya Belyaeva. The first webinar in this series was about pre-production, the next one will be about post-production. It is scheduled for June 20th. Keep an eye on our news not to miss it!!!
Hello, me and Pawel Jozwiak-Rodan are Polish producers looking for a co-producer from Sweden who would help us organize a few shooting days in Sweden for our documentary project: „A man with a wardrobe" about… More Polish film director, actor and rector of National Filmschool Henryk Kluba who played in famous short film "Two people with a wardrobe " by Roman Polański. The main theme of the film is Kluba’s way from dreams to success, from success to compromise also with Peoples Poland cenzorship, then from compromise to hypocrisy and bitter self-reflection. His son lives in Sweden and we want to shoot his trip to Poland as a journey into the past, a journey to get to know his own Father. We got a financing for development from Polish Film Institute and now applying for a production financing. This is a trailer:
Applicants to the MegaCities-ShortDocs Film Festival will get feedback on their documentary film by a professional jury. You could be one of the finalists to win a ticket & accommodation to attend the Paris… More Award Ceremony. Awarded ShortDoc Makers and Initiative Owners will also receive prizes up to € 2 000 and their ShortDocs will be screened all around the world’s largest megacities.
The second B2B Doc webinar in the series of three is online tomorrow! Malcolm Dixelius and Anastasia Kirillova will talk about the most important things the filmmakers should know when they enter the production stage of the documentary film project. You can ask Malcolm and Anastasia questions of course!
The B2BDoc "Documentary Storytelling with a Personal Voice" workshop has ended. A massive thank you for Karin Ekberg and Johanna Bernhardson for coming to Moldova to share their knowledge and inspire these… More female filmmakers to express their voice and film more! Not only have the girls managed to do a short film in 3 days, but also to screen it at the CRONOGRAF International Documentary Film Festival which were grateful for hosting us ✨
Maksim Shveds documentary Pure Art (Pure Art / Czysta Sztuka) has been premiered at Krakow Film Festival yesterday evening. The project has been supported by B2B DOC since the development and we are very happy… More to see it screened at one of the most prestigious film festivals! This screening was preceded by yet another one excellent Belorussian documentary - Summa by Andrei Kutsila, which previously received the IDFA Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary in 2018.
Take a look at the 12 selected projects for Ex Oriente Film 2019. This year we have received a record number of 107 projects from 40 countries. Thank you to all for submitting your works!
Dont forget to apply to Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries latest on June 9!
Thanks a lot, B2B DOC for supporting ‘Fragile Memory’ team in its travels to DocsBarcelona Speed Meetings! It was very productive! #fragilememorydoc
Happy birthday, Marija Stonyte ;)
The B2BDoc workshop "Documentary Storytelling with a Personal Voice" with Karin Ekberg and Johanna Bernhardson at Cronograf Festival in Moldova has begun! The girls are working on their short films which will be screened at the festival on friday. Loads of feedback and ideas are being exchanged.
Happy birthday, Aren Malakyan ;)

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