Phil Jandaly

Phil thinks of editing documentaries as being a private detective, digging deep into his clients’ footage in search of narrative and meaning, and making cynical jokes along the way. Working as an editor and consultant out of Sweden, his projects have originated in places as far afield as Serbia, Kenya, France, and Korea, including award winning international productions like Prison Sisters, Killing Time, and Liberation Day. As part of the B2B Doc, EDN, and Documentary Campus teams he’s tutored and consulted on everything from pitching, to rough cuts, to the genius of sticky notes. Running his Storysmith blog, he features interviews with filmmakers and technologists, and covers industry events like CPH:DOX, Nordisk Panorama and IDFA.

With a focus on human rights stories, Phil has brought an acute, analytical approach to storytelling, helping creators get to the heart of their projects.

“It’s thrilling to be part of the B2B Doc team of tutors. It connects me to a cinematic tradition that is very close to my heart, and to stories that urgently need to be told, from a rapidly changing region. It’s an opportunity to be of use to filmmakers reaching out to an international audience, within a framework designed to take creators from early stages through completion. It’s also a chance for us to learn story craft from one another and have tons of fun.“