Malcolm Dixelius

Malcolm is a restless, creative person who loves good stories with an international reach. He draws from a long career that covers twenty odd years of journalism, half of that time spent in the Soviet Union and Russia as a correspondent for Swedish Radio and Television; then twenty five years of documentary filmmaking and TV production for the Swedish and international market in a variety of genres – all of that mixed up with writing, translations, lecturing, editing, tutoring and mentoring.

Malcolm thinks of himself as a master of learning from mistakes. He made so many of them in his first ten years of being a filmmaker that his first international success (“CCCP Hockey”) came as an unexpected surprise. After that he has won international awards as a producer for Homeward Bound, A Bitter Taste of Freedom and Women with Cows. Lately he is less engaged in production and more occupied with helping other people make fewer mistakes, or even turn mistakes into successful projects.

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