Monika Franczak

Screenwriter/script consultant based in Poland works internationally focusing on Eastern Europe.

Monika is not afraid of any kind film job: she writes fiction, TV series, consults documentaries and animations. While 7 months pregnant she worked as an assistant director for the first feature movie she had written, so you may easily call her really devoted to the cinema. As a consultant and screenwriter, she cooperated with the biggest Polish film production houses (Alvernia Studios and Platige Image) as well as with foreign ones (Film.UA Group - Ukraine). However even working for big shots she has a soft spot for the independent cinema and develops feature and documentary screenplays with producers and directors from that part of the movie business.

As a tutor on screenwriting and pitching technics she cooperated with Molodist Film Festival, Odessa Film Festival, Balkan Film Market, Terrarium program and last but not least with her beloved platform B2B DOC – Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network.

"I believe in a good story as the key for every movie: feature, documentary or animation. The genre really doesn’t matter. Due to those beliefs what I  look for in each project is a HEART - the initial motivation of the creator, the combination of emotions and the great storytelling.  As from my B2B DOC experience filmmakers from Eastern Europe are in possession of unique stories which just have to be presented to the international audience. I'm more than happy to be a part of this process, especially coming from Poland, a country which successfully underwent the similar bumpy way of transition".