Anastasia Kirillova

Anastasia Kirillova is an award winning international documentary filmmaker specializing in emotionally charged storytelling with a strong cinematic imprint.

Her documentaries have been screened at major film festivals around the world, with her latest film, Sleepers’ Beat, winning the Sheffield Doc/Fest Award for Best Documentary.

Of Russian-Swedish heritage, she trained as a director at the Royal College of Art in London. The UK, which subsequently became her second home, is where she also forged her film career - not only as a director – but also a creative force in film development. Specialized in writing and pitching film projects, she has an extensive track record of developing directors’ treatments and winning commissions alongside a wide range of established directors of fiction and documentary.

“Because of my multi-cultural background, my interests have always gravitated towards international stories with universal appeal. Then, as a filmmaker, my main drive is the immense potential of documentary films, to push cinematic language. Each real-life story comes with its own set of rules and calls for its own form. This is an organic and truly liberating process, which in my opinion, currently produces some of the most exciting works of cinema. So, tapping into the universal appeal of real-life stories, then finding the right film language to give them the visual treatment they deserve, is where I thrive the most."