Johan Renck, the director of the world-famous TV series Chernobyl, had his master-class in Kyiv, Ukraine on September 19. B2B DOC arranged this event together with Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival.… More Everything was perfectly organised by the highly professional team of Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival during the harsh coronavirus time. The 4 hours-long master-class was dynamic, informative and emotional, thanks to the wonderful work of the moderators, Daria Sipigina and Ilko Gladshtein. Have a look at how it was! Photos by Alex Rybka.
On September 21 we had an Educational day In Kyiv, Ukraine. This event B2B DOC has arranged in close cooperation with Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival.The most prominent experts in the European… More documentary film industry, invited by us to Kyiv, met Ukrainian filmmakers, both experienced and emerging, interested in international co-production and distribution of docs.Jakob Gottschau and Johan Liljestrom Seth spoke about co-production opportunities with Denmark and Sweden;Adam Entrant Paplinski and Kasia Szarecka made the presentation of Pitch the Doc platform;Alberto Antonio Dandolo spoke about co-production opportunities with Italy;Maciek Hamela explained how international… More
Panel on international distribution with Irena TASKOVSKI Taskovski Films Ltd. and other guests
We strongly believed that this would happen, and now its a reality! Johan Renck, the director of the famous TV-series Chernobyl has arrived in Kyiv. Today he will have his master-class. This event B2B DOC is arranging together with Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival with support of Radioaktive Film.
Weve been longing for it, and finally made it happen - together with our wonderful partners from Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival. 18 film projects from the B2B DOC family will be pitched for the… More broad panel of international decision-makers, whom we managed to bring to Kyiv. It will be great to see many of you in real after almost half-a-year long zoom meetings. If you are in Kyiv, come, watch the pitches and support the filmmakers!
We have started preparing our film projects for the Producers meet Producers pitch, that will take place here in Kyiv on September 22. Two more full days of work and a general rehearsal to come before the… More decision-makers will watch the pitching presentations next Tuesday. There will be 18 film projects in total and 16 decision-makers will attend the pitch. We havent gathered together for such a long time, and thats why so much excited!
First day of the workshop Documentary Storttelling With A Personal Voice Express! All participants are now working on the first exercise, and we look forward to watching the results tomorrow.
Hey eastern x-chromosomers! Check it out Looking for two (female) filmmakers from one of the East European countries for a 6 part doc tv series to be shot in 6 different East European countries. French- German coproduction. But mind... this is straight tv and not first person or auteur driven doc.. email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Today three grants of The Malik Fund have been granted to three female filmmakers: Clara Tägström from Sweden, Charly Wai Feldman from UK and Raisa Răzmeriță from Moldova. The ceremony went online. Only Clara… More Tägström could attend it in person. Congratulations to all the grantees, especially to Raisa Răzmeriță, as it was her project Electing Ms Santa (produced by Ion Gnatiuc) that is being supported by B2B Doc and got this prestigious award from The Malik Fund!
Hello wonderful people! Is anybody here coming from Paris to Kyiv for the upcoming B2B meeting by chance? Desperately need to send some medicine to Ukraine and post would not take it. Nothing forbidden, but will make an elderly woman really happy to finally receive it. Many thanks!

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