B2B Doc has been supppprting this film project since it was known as Andriy Suleiman and then Between Two Wars. Now, under the title This Rain Will Never Stop, the film will be premiered at IDFA. … More Congratulations to Alina Gorlova, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Ilona Bicevska and many other colleagues in different countries who made this happen!
Due to new Corona measures is Germany, NORDISCHE FILMTAGE LÜBECK moces entirely online
Swedish Documentary Cinema Weekend | Molodist x B2BDoc was the first experience in arranging open screenings for the wide audience between B2B DOC and Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival. The last weekend… More two acclaimed Swedish documentaries were screened in Kyiv: Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words by Stig Björkman and Transnistra by Anna Eborn.Unfortunately, the film directors couldnt attend the screenings due to the coronavirus limitations. But we look forward to bring more documentaries from Sweden and other Nordic countries to the viewers in the B2B Doc countries. Many thanks to producers Stina Gardell, Michael Krotkiewski, Mirjam Gelhorn as well as of course Anna Eborn and Stig Björkman for their cooperation. This event was arranged with support from Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv.
We are going live soon with Anaïs Clanets lecture: Description of the Sales Agreement in Great Details! https://www.facebook.com/events/975092519661027/ Check out Reservoir Docs Line Up - Fall 2020
Soon live with Joe Bini, who is going to talk about his collaboration with Werner Herzog on Grizzly Man and Into the Abbys. All live streams: https://www.facebook.com/idfExOrienteFilm/live_videos/
Documentaries at the 2020 NORDISCHE FILMTAGE LÜBECK, the 62nd festival covering Nordic & Baltic non-fiction cinema.
Do not miss Sean McAllisters masterclass tomorrow at 10:30 am (GMT+2): https://www.facebook.com/idfExOrienteFilm/posts/3982739625088269
We would be happy to hear your impressions of Greek wife teaser! Thank you!
Join us tonight for Claire Aguilars lecture (incl. Q&A). Upcoming masterclasses and lectures with Joe Bini, Hanna Polak, Sean Mcallister and other great Ex Oriente Film tutors: https://dokweb.net/activities/ex-oriente-film/2020/open-programme0
NSPIRATION-seeking post! Dear friends and collegues - can you share your favorite mixed media films that use animation to support documentary footage please? I am happy to watch fiction examples as well - for now I am really in the mood-board stage as I am about to start my first collaboration with animators ever. Thanks a lot. I hope you are all safe and healthy. Olga
This Friday, October 23, B2B Doc - Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network in cooperation with Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival and support by Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv arrange the Swedish Documentary… More Cinema Weekend in Kyiv, Ukraine.Two films will be screened:- Transnistra by Anna Eborn;- Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words by Stig Björkman.After the screenings, the directors of these films will get connected online to talk to the audiences in Kyiv and answer the questions.If you are in Kyiv, dont lose this remarkable opportunity to come and watch two of the most internationally recognised documentaries from Sweden!
Tomorrow, at 19.00 CET (20.00 EET), the Prague-based Institute of Documentary Film will broadcast an online discussion about the protest in Belarus and its female face. The participants are Belarusian producer … MoreMaryia Yahorava and Director of the European Film Academy Marion Döring (also a board member of the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk), moderated by Heleen Gerritsen, Head of goEast Film Festival
Dear fellow documentarians, did anyone already received rejection or confirmation letters from IDFA?
Finally, we can share photos from the most adventurous event that B2B DOC managed to arrange in these harsh times in close cooperation with Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival. On September 22 our… More flagship co-production event Producers meet Producers has gathered together almost 50 filmmakers and film industry professionals. It was in Kyiv, Ukraine. And it was in real, not online.The projects that were pitched:- ELEVATIONMax Rudenko, Melinda Boros, Ksenia Gapchenko - FRAGMENTS OF ICEMaria Stoianova, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Alina Gorlova- EXPEDITION 49Alisa Kovalenko, Stephane Siohan- LAGOONS. A BATTLE FOR PARADISEAnna Kapustina, Sasha Kravchenko- TONRATUNAngela Frangyan- THE TRANSITION… More
We couldnt say NO to the invitation to attend the very first edition of the Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival (Карпатський Гірський Міжнародний Кінофестиваль (CMIFF) The idea was to present B2B… More DOC for filmmakers, living and working in Transcarpathia. The region is very remote from the Ukrainian capital but very close to its European neighbours - Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland. The speakers were Alex Shiriaieff and Max Tuula. Those who attended the event were both the experienced and emerging filmmakers. We felt how hungry they were to know how international co-production of documentaries functions and what they can do to bring their film projects to life. Moreover, we even got to know one of the potentially strong film projects, which a group of young and ambitions female filmmakers develop right know. Regional film festivals are very important for the creative industries, so good luck to CMIFF and all the filmmakers from Transcarpathia!


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