"Паўночнае ззянне" ўжо хутка! Запрашаем! 5-ы фестываль кіно Паўночных і Балтыйскіх краін «Паўночнае ззянне» адбудзецца 10-17 траўня ў кінатэатры "Мір"! У праграму ўваходзяць 18 гульнявых і дакументальных… More фільмаў, сярод якіх нашумелы фільм "X&Y" шведскай рэжысёркі Аны Удэль пра рэальны сацыяльны эксперымент і фінскі дакументальны фільм "Незвычайнае жыццё дзяўчыны па імені Ві", прэмера якога адбылася на фестывалі Sundance, рэтраспектыва, дзіцячая праграма “Ззя-kids”, а таксама 7 мерапрыемстваў індустрыйнай платформы. Фестываль сёлета наведаюць 7 замежных гасцей з розных краін: ад грэнландскай акторкі Нукакі Костар-Вальдаў да эстонскага прадзюсара Іва Фельта, фільмы якога тройчы намінаваліся на Оскар. Поўную праграму і квіткі на сеансы і мерапрыемствы можна знайсці на сайце фестывалю: https://www.northernlightsff.com/pragrama-2019
Female filmmakers from around the world can submit documentaries, short and animated films to this festival. The International Women’s Film Festival "KIN" ("woman" in Armenian) will take place November 11 to 15… More in Yerevan, Armenia. The festival is looking for films that address issues related to women’s rights and gender problems. There are two award categories: best film and special prize. Competitive films must have been produced after January 1, 2016, and include English subtitles. The deadline for submission is July 20.
This is the video of the first B2B Doc webinar on post-production, that has been recorded last Thursday. Those of you who havent attended it online can watch it now. And dont miss two of our upcoming webinars (on production and post-production) in May and June!
Happy birthday, Audrius Stonys ;)
Call for Pitching and Work in progress projects at the Film Industry Office 10th Odesa International Film Festival is open! Applications are accepted until May, 27. Odesa International Film Festival’s Pitching… More is a competition of Ukrainian and co-produced with Ukraine feature film projects, as well as projects from the countries of the Eastern European Partnership (OIFF Expanded), intended for theatrical and film festival distribution. 10 full-length projects (fiction and documentaries) will be selected by the selection committee to participate in the 2019 Pitching. The main goal of the Pitching is to draw the attention of potential investors, sales agents, festival selectors, and the… More
Happy birthday, George Varsimashvili ;)
The Northern Wave International Short Film Festival in collaboration with Girls Shoot in Iceland is organising a workshop for young female filmmakers(<30) from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, The Faroe… More Island. The Nordic Girls Shoot Workshop will take place from the 24th to the 25th of October 2019 and from the 25th to the 27th of October participants will attend and be presented at the Northern Wave Film Festival. The program pays for flights and accommodation for all selected participants during the workshop and the festival. The workshop will take place in the beautiful fishing village of Grundarfjörður on the West coast of Iceland. To qualify to apply, applicants have to be under 30 years of age and identify as female. The workshop is targeted towards young women who are taking their first steps into the film industry and would like to or are specializing in either directing, script writing or cinematography. Deadline for submissions: 10th of May 2019.
Today B2B Doc has run a webinar on pre-production of docs. 20 filmmakers participated. The webinar was moderated by Anya Belyaeva. The tutors were Malcolm Dixelius and Anastasia Kirillova. A lot of practical… More issues have been discussed and questions answered. It was the first webinar in the series of three. Two more - on production and post-production - will be arranged during May and June. Stay tuned and join us then as well!
Open City Documentary Festival in London has launched a new documentary development lab and fund called Assembly. Assembly is a £10,000 development lab for international filmmakers working on their first or… More second feature. Its free to apply and open to applicants anywhere in the world. The organizers will pay for participants to attend the lab and festival in September. Food is provided, and hopefully also a per diem. The deadline to apply is next week, May 3rd.
Dear fellow filmmakers, between the 22-24th of may, B2B DOC is organising a workshop in Chisinau, Moldova in collaboration with the International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF. The workshop is aimed at… More female filmmakers, artists and activists. Besides theory, film analysis, there will also be the practical side - making a short film. The working language will be english. Tutors: swedish filmmakers Karin Ekberg and Johanna Bernhardson Participation is free of charge. If youre interested or have some friends/ girlfriends/ acquintances that might be interested, share away :)
Webinar on pre-production. The first one in the series of three webinars for the documentary filmmakers, arranged by B2B Doc. Tomorrow, April 25, at: 11:00 CET (Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Warsaw,… More Prague, Berlin); 12:00 EET (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Minsk, Kyiv, Chisinau, Moscow); 13:00 (Tbilisi, Yerevan, Baku) Join us online. More info at the event link.
Mikael Opstrup in his interview: - The documentary environment in Europe is very well organized; - The development of film technology has changed the film production process; - The amount of money for film… More production has been shrinking during the last two decades; - A lot of personal stories are coming to the film market, where the film director is a part of the story; - The bigger themes in politics always make their way to documentaries.
Great news from the goEast Film Festival. After the yesterday’s pitching the jury has made the following decisions: - Renovabis Research Award goes to Alexander Mihalkovich’s project Mothers’ Crusades; - goEast Development Award goes to Ksenia Ksiu Malikova Ciuvaseva’s project Landing. Congratulations!
Do you have a feature length documentary project in development or early production? Apply for Ex Oriente Film! The deadline is 🔜👉 APRIL 19 👈️ Details: http://bit.ly/ex-oriente-film-2019-open-call>> Ex Oriente Film 2019 Guidelines <<>> online application form <<


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