Happy birthday, Louis Beaudemont ;)
Dear B2B people, please share with me information about sites with good documentary films. Thanks! Salute - Alex Shiriaieff!
Alex Shiriaieff, Happy Birthday!!!
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HBD Alex!
Happy Birthday, Alex Shiriaieff
Dear friends, we have great news: 💥 You can watch wonderful creative documentaries from the South Caucasus region (from our 2019 CinéDOC-Tbilisi festival edition)! The films are NOW available online on DAFilms.
goEast Film Festival has started to collect stories from friends and colleagues from the creative industries in Central and Eastern Europe, affected by the current Covid-19 situation. #blogEast kicks off with… More two familiar faces: Alex Shiriaieff talks about his fundraising campaign for B2B Doc: https://www.filmfestival-goeast.de/en/Blog/Shiriaieff_en.php Volia Chajkouskaya takes us to Belarus: https://www.filmfestival-goeast.de/en/Blog/Chajkouskaya_en.php In the next weeks we are interested to hear more stories. We are not looking to hear how your toilet paper ran out, instead we want to know how the crisis affects your work, we want to hear your views on the political situation in your country and/or we would also like to hear about support initiatives. We pay a small fee for each contribution. If you want to propose a topic, please send an email to our editor Wiebke Brand: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A very nice, slow-paced, observational, non pretentious, anthropological, a true document; those interested in subject, who are willing to take their time to watch this documentary from beginning ‘till the end… More will be amply rewarded... its on Vimeo and its free ... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2538840789702837&set=a.1579601872293405&type=3&theater
An intimate look at Gypsy refugees in a Belgrade suburb who make a living by transforming Citroën’s classic 2cv and Dyana cars into Mad Max-like recycling vehicles, which they use to collect cardboard, bottles… More and scrap metal. These modern horses are not only more efficient than the cart-pushing competition -- they also mean freedom, hope and style for their crafty owners. Even the car batteries are used as power generators in order to get some light, watch TV and recharge mobiles. Almost an alchemist’s dream come true! But the police doesn’t always find these strange vehicles funny… Its on Vimeo and its free. Enjoy :),
Taskovski Films Ltd. has launched its #TaskovskiHomeCinema today! Take a look at the documentaries they put online to watch for free! But each film will only be available for streaming free of charge for 24 hours.
Field of Vision and Topic Studios have created a $250,000 fund to provide grants for freelancers working in the Documentary field. The fund will distribute unrestricted grants of up to $2000 to support personal… More financial needs during the COVID19 pandemic to freelancers who have experienced hardship from loss of income or opportunity as a result of the pandemic. Check the conditions and deadlines on the website. Eligible for filmmakers from any country or region, priority given to those without formal government support! And dont forget, two deadlines. Great work Charlotte Cook, Kristen Fitzpatrick <3
Assembly is an annual development lab for creative documentaries made by first and second time feature filmmakers, organised by Open City Documentary Festival. Assembly is seeking six filmmaker teams based… More anywhere in the world. Theres no fee to enter, and all travel and accommodation costs for participants are covered. One of the six teams will win £10,000 at the end of a closed pitch. Application deadline: May 15th.


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