OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING OUR UPCOMING EVENTS IN KYIV IN THE WAKE OF CORONAVIRUS SITUATION: We at B2B Doc follow the Swedish Foreign Ministrys advice on travel regarding the corona virus. In Ukraine, one… More (1) case has so far been reported. However, we ensure that all personnel employed by B2B Doc as well as all consultants we hire who travel or traveled to one of the countries with widespread contagion are replaced with substitutes during the two following weeks after returning home. The countries that are part of our restrictions are currently China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. In addition, we follow developments every day and the recommendations of the Swedish Health Authority. Have you been traveling and have symptoms from the respiratory tract and with a fever, we wish you to refrain from participating in our events and our program. “ In addition, here is a link to the official statement of Docudays UA Festival