Moldox Festival B2B DOC


During the industry days of Moldox Festival B2B DOC has arranged today a master-class for Moldovan filmmakers on how to bring their documentary film stories to the international film market. All of them were young and inexperienced but very creative and eager to make films for the international audience.

Hjalmar Palmgren talked about how important it is to work on the development of film stories and what to expect from the decision-makers when you come to the serious pitching sessions or co-production markets in Europe. Dragos Turea told about his personal experience of developing the documentary project Grădina Sovietică / The Soviet Garden. Its international premiere took place at Sarajevo film festival last August. Dragos told about all the difficulties he had to face on his way while making this film. We watched his trailers in different stages and could witness the process of the project development.

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