B2B Doc at the 20th Tempo Documentary Festival

Stockholm, Sweden

Six B2B Doc documentary film projects have been presented to the Swedish filmmakers during Tempo Documentary Festival (Tempo Dokumentärfestival):

  1. In the Sweltering Sun by Shorena Tevzadze, Georgia;
  2. The Soviet Garden by Dragosh Turea, Moldova;
  3. Algorithms by Sasha Nabieva, Ukraine;
  4. The New Imperium by Vlad Ketkovich, Russia;
  5. The Earth is Blue as an Orange by Iryna Tsilyk, Ukraine;
  6. Mel by Inna Sahakyan, Armenia.

B2B doc also co-orginised a seminar “In Solidarity with filmmakers at risk"), where B2B Doc members took part. 

Civil society is shrinking in many parts of the world and documentary filmmakers risk, daily, their freedom in order to tell their stories. It is more and more common that filmmakers are detained, imprisoned and even killed, performing their job. To show solidarity with those that risk their lives at work, Tempo welcomed filmmakers to a talk, to share experience and develop strategies in order to help our colleagues at risk. A first talk under the lable Solidarity With Filmmakers at Risk was arranged at IDFA in 2018, followed up at Rotterdam Film festival earlier this year and we now continued the dialogue at Tempo. Moderator was Orwa Nyrabia, artistic director of IDFA.  Participating filmmakers were Inna Sahakyan (Armenia), Tekla Machavariani (Georgia), Vlad Ketkovich (Russia) and Eszter Hajdú (Hungary).

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