My Granny from Mars

Directed by: Alexander Mihalkovich
Produced by: Volia Chajkouskaya (BY/EST), Igor Savychenko (UA)

This film project with a working title Babushka Lost in Transition was picked up by B2B Doc tutors in 2016 during the presentation of Belorussian documentary projects at Listapad IFF in Minsk. The film director Alexander Mihalkovich had the idea of making a film about his grandmother, living in Crimea, occupied by Russia in 2014. B2B Doc took the project to a number of workshops, where the story was developed. In 2017 the project was among 5 Belorussian doc projects, that were taken by B2B Doc to the pitching at Meeting Point Vilnius (the industry section of Vilnius IFF Kinopavasaris). The project got a huge interest there. Ukrainian producer Igor Savychenko came onboard, as well as the Estonian/Belorussian producer Volia Chaikouskaja. Recently, the film was premiered at Jihlava IDFF in Czech Republic, which is one of the biggest film festivals in Eastern Europe.

More about the film: