HBO Europe: Call for Submissions

HBO Europe is looking for bold and ambitious proposals for new documentary projects. The essential requirements are:
• Strong storytelling
• Local stories for a European audience
• Cinematic approach
• High quality in all aspects of filmmaking
• Content link to countries where HBO Europe is running documentary production (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)

We are searching for these genres:
• Creative documentaries 52’ – 90’

Key descriptions: inspiring, positive, urban, contemporary, humor, art
and culture, relationships, compelling personal stories,
feel good
• Investigative documentaries (single or series)

Key descriptions: environmental, corruption, crime, spy stories, modern
history, thrilling
• Hybrid – innovative approaches to documentary genre

We are searching for new projects for development support, as well as developed projects ready for production support. We are expecting submissions from independent production companies with no limitations regarding the country of origin.

Proposals must contain the following elements:
• Logline (2 sentences)
• Synopsis – overview of the story, introduction of main characters and potential development of narrative arcs (2-4 pages)
• Production plan and financial estimation
• Presentation of key creative personnel – short CV of Producer and Director (up to 500 words), their short video presentation (up to 3 minutes) in which they should present their motivation for working on the proposed project
• Photo and video materials, trailer or teaser, depending on the stage of development of the project, possibly also a link to a previous film of the author

We are waiting for your proposals at
Deadline: 1st June 2016