HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production support

Important news for Ukrainian feature film projects, considering applying to HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support (the €55.000 grant, received by Slaboshpytskyi’s Luxembourg. film. last year).

After Ukraine partially joined Creative Europe program, it is no longer considered the target country for this grant. To apply to HBF+Europe, projects should be produced by at least:
#1: co-producer from a country participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme.
#2: co-producer from a DAC-country (that is neither participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme nor a member of Eurimages)

Ukraine now finds itself in a “grey zone”: we are PARTIALLY participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme, so we are not considered either #1, or #2.

Ukraine still CAN co-produce a film, supported by HBF+Europe, but only as a THIRD co-producer to #1 and #2 as defined above.

Source of information: my conversation with Janneke Langelaan, HBF Coordinator

Note 1: Ukraine is still eligible for HBF development (€10.000) and post-production support (€20.000).

Note 2: Post-production support is the only category of Hubert Bals Fund, accepting documentaries (creative, with theatrical potential).