Starting from 2010 it is the Ukrainian State Film Agency under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine which is responsible for allocating and managing the state funding for the film industry. Decision on
providing state support for film production is made by the Ministry of Culture upon the
recommendation of the Agency’s Expert committee which selects the winners of the projects
competition. Debut films, documentaries, animations and films for children are eligible to apply for 100% funding. The state share in other projects (including co-productions) may reach 50%.

Ukraine signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of cinematography with the CIS countries in 1995. European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production became operative for Ukraine in 2009 after it had been signed in 2004 and then ratified in March 2009. In 2011 Ukraine and France signed bilateral co-production agreement which entered into force in 2012. Agreement on cooperation in the field of cinema between Ukraine and Israel was signed in December 2015 and is expected to be ratified soon. Meanwhile Ukrainian State Film Agency continues negotiations with the government of Georgia, and Ukraine’s Minister of Culture makes efforts to launch negotiations with Canadian and South Korean authorities in order to elaborate a co-production agreement.

Ukraine has full access to Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme. As for Media sub-programme, four directions are available: Training, Festivals, Audience Development, Market Access.

For the last ten years Ukrainian producers co-produced more than 30 feature films and more than 20 documentaries. By now only one third of these titles were released in Ukraine. According to the information of Ukrainian State Film Agency 16 more co-productions are in development stage and will be granted state support.

Year 2016 marked the appearance and the beginning of work of the first regional Film Commission in Ukraine – in Lviv – that is designed to support filmmakers shooting in the region. There is also a strong desire of the capital authorities to setup Kyiv Film Commission – currently the negotiations on terms and conditions of its work are underway. The entire year content production industry in Ukraine was waiting for the adoption of new legislation introducing cash rebates and enhancing direct support for filmmakers from the state authorities. When approved new legislation will allow foreign producers to payback up to 25% eligible production costs on the territory of Ukraine due to new cash rebate system.

Moreover, it is planned that foreign producers will be able to receive additional 10% payback from the labour-production costs in Ukraine. Although the Parliament voted for the incentive, Ukrainian President vetoed the document as the one that needs to be improved, admitting that the incentive itself is crucially important and should be definitely implemented.

While in 2016 state production support totaled about €8.8 million, in 2017 funding is planned to double.