B2B Doc will cooperate with Balkan Documentary Center (BDC)


BDC has a unique experience of bringing the documentary filmmakers from the Balkan region to the European film markets. They work a lot with project development, training and co-production. Combining our resources and competence is a good chance to launch a long-term trans-regional cooperation, exchanging knowledge, ideas, creative potential and finances that both BDC and B2B Doc possess.


At the film festival in Sarajevo this week together with the BDC’s director Martichka Bozhilova we have preliminary schemed the joint BDC and B2B Doc events for 2017, that we would like to run at the film festivals in Helsinki, Tallinn, Sofia and Kosovo. We hope to bring together documentary filmmakers from the Balkan region and B2B Doc countries for informal networking, finding common film projects, training and finding resources to produce films.

Martichka Bozhilova

We are going to sharpen this idea by the end of this year together with film festivals and our partners from European Documentary Network – EDN. So, stay tuned if you like to meet new colleagues and broaden your competence in documentary filmmaking.